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The African continent is home to more than 1100 species of mammals and over 2400 bird species the best for Africa Safaris, and throughout Africa, wildlife brings drama and life to the beauty of the African game safaris, from the great wildebeest migration across the savanna Tanzania and Kenya to the gravitas of encountering a gorilla family deep in the mountain forests of Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. Your first sight of elephants in the wild, of chimpanzees high in the forest canopy, or the exhilaration of seeing a lion or leopard on the hunt, meeting the majestic mountain gorillas – these, too, will rank among the most unforgettable experiences of your Africa trips and Africa Vacations.

East Africa ( Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda), are the undoubted destinations for great Africa Safari ideas for the sheer diversity of mammals, other wildlife species, and the professionalism of safari operators. These destinations offer the best bet for your Africa Game Safari.

Africa Wildlife Safari Destinations:






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Explore Uganda

Uganda Safaris

Uganda a country with enormous diversity, you can go gorilla tracking, chimpanzee tracking, wildlife safaris, white water rafting and hiking. Choose from some of our designed sample Uganda Itineraries

Kenya Safaris

Kenya Safaris

When you take a safari in Kenya you will have the memorable experience of seeing the untamed wildlife in a completely natural setting.
These top Kenya Safari options make Kenya a preferred destination and tourist attraction. Learn about the different tours and safaris on offer that you can enjoy on your visit to Kenya.

Explore Rwanda


Explore Rwanda the land of a thousand hills, from the endangered Mountain gorillas to less known cultural and historical sites, Rwanda is filled with immense attractions. Visit the gorillas in Volcanoes National Park, track the fast moving golden monkeys, see the wild chimpanzees face to face.

Visit Tanzania

Tanzania Safaris

Enjoy Tanzania's amazing wildlife, up close and personal. Tanzania Safari offers range from luxury Tanzania safaris, walking safaris along with camping safaris offering unique ways of discovering Africa's attractions and culture

Short Africa Safaris

Short Africa Safaris include Short Uganda Safaris, Short Kenya Safaris, Short Tanzania Safaris and Short Rwanda Safaris moreover short Africa Safaris are good for all age groups and are pocket friendly.