Uganda National Parks

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Gorilla Tracking Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Bwindi impenetrable National Park is strategically located on the edge of the steep ridges of the Albertine Rift Valley, South Western Uganda and was recognized as a World Heritage Site in 1994. Bwindi impenetrable National Park is a home to roughly half of the world's mountain gorillas. Gorilla trekking is the main attraction. Bwindi actually means impenetrable!

Bwindi covers around 331 square kilometers on an Altitude Range of from 1,160 to 2,607m. The annual temperatures range 7?C to 20?C and with the...

Kibale Forest Park

Kibale Forest National Park
Kibale being an extensive National Park, it’s the most accessible of Uganda's major rainforests protecting some excellent forest for bird watching. Kibale is home to a remarkable 13 primate species, including the much localized red Colobus and Lhotse’s monkey.
It also holds the greatest variety and concentration of primates found anywhere in East Africa. Numerous birds and primates combined with easy access, due to good infrastructure and a variety of interesting activities make this forest a worthwhile safari destination.
Kibale forest...

Kidepo valley national Park

Kidepo National Park - Kidepo Karamoja Uganda

Just located in the rugged, semi-arid valleys of Karamoja Tucked into the corner of Uganda's border with Sudan and Kenya, Kidepo Valley is Uganda's most remote national park covering about 1442Km2 with a huge latitudinal range of 914m on Kidepo valley floor to 2749m a top of Mount Morungole. Kidepo is ideal destination for Uganda safaris featuring a variety of Wildlife. For the birder, Kidepo Valley National Park boasts a bird list of over 475 species, a total second only to Queen Elizabeth National Park. Amongst the specials not found...

Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo National Park - Uganda

Lake Mburo is situated in Mbarara district. It is about 3.5 hours drive from Kampala. Lake Mburo is the best place in the country to see the gigantic eland antelope, as well as zebra, topi, impala, and several acacia-associated birds. The numerous lakes within the park attract lots of aquatic life such as hippos, crocodiles and a variety of water birds, while fringing swamps hide secretive papyrus specialists such as the sitatunga antelope and red, black and yellow papyrus gonalek.

The park rests on 260 sq. km being the smallest of the...

Mgahinga Park

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park located in South Western corner of Uganda, bordering Rwanda and Congo, about 540 km from Kampala and an addition of 14 km from Kisoro town, this is the smallest in the country with an area coverage of about 33.7 km 2 but very vital in Uganda’s tourism Industry, as it is one of the only two parks in Uganda that offer habitat for the endangered Mountain gorilla
The Park covers the northern slopes of the three northernmost Virunga Volcanoes: Mt. Sabyinyo (3,645 m). Mt. Muhavura (4,127 m), and Mt. Gahinga (3,474 m),...

Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison Falls National Park Safari

Uganda's largest and most spectacular National park in Uganda and indeed in the Whole of Africa. This derives its name from the dramatic Murchison falls where the World’s longest River Nile explodes through a narrow crevice and flows down to become a placid river whose banks are thronged with hippos, crocodiles, waterbucks and buffaloes and protects a chunk of untamed African savannah bisected by the mighty river Nile.

Murchison Falls National Park being the largest in Uganda with an area of 3893 km2. The River Nile bisects the Park into...

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park

It was in 1979; Queen Elizabeth National Park was designated as a biosphere reserve and now regarded as theUganda's most popular game reserve for Uganda Safaris with numerouswild life,wet lands and natural resources. Queen Elizabeth stretches from the crater-dotted foothills of the Rwenzori range in the north, along the shores of Lake Edward to the remote Ishasha River in the south, holding a wide variety of habitats that range from savanna to rainforest, from dense papyrus swamps and brooding crater lakes to the vastness of Lake Edward, it is little...

Rwenzori Mountains National Park

Rwenzori Mountains National Park - Mountains of the moon

The park covers 996 kms, protects the slopes of the famous Rwenzori Mountains, which run for 120 km along the Congo border. It is a bloke mountain they are a result of the formation of the Rift Valley. The Rwenzori is the highest mountain range in Africa, with six glacial peaks: Mount Stanley, Mount Speke, Mount Emin Pasha, Mount Gessi, Mount Luigi da Savoia and Mount Baker. The main peaks, Margherita (5.109m) and Alexandra (5.083m) on Mount Stanley, are exceeded in altitude elsewhere in Africa only by Kilimanjaro and Mount...

Semuliki Game Reserve

Semuliki Game Reserve

Semuliki Wildlife Reserve is Uganda’s oldest wild life reserve formerly known as the Toro Game reserve which was gazetted in 1932.This large reserve abutting Lake Albert and the northern base of the Rwenzori is a rich mosaic of grassland, savannah, forest and wetland habitats. Semuliki is a 545km sq sanctuary lying in western Ugandan, to the northeast of the Bundibugyo road extending to Ntoroko on the southern shores of Lake Albert.
The fauna in Semuliki game reserve is correspondingly diverse: Semuliki is known to have species of birds you will be able...

Semuliki National Park

Semuliki National Park

Semuliki National Park situated in the extreme remote corner of western Uganda in Bundibugyo district is an eastern extension of the vast Ituri Forest and forms part of the forest continuum during the climatic upheavals of the Pleistocene, this is one of the richest areas for both flora and fauna in Africa. (Especially for birds)
Semuliki lies along the Uganda/ Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) border within the western arm of the East African Rift Valley. In the southeast are the Rwenzori Mountains, to the west is the Democratic Republic of Congo and...

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